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HTC iPhone 5 Rival Now Comes With "Free" Contract

Those looking to acquire the HTC Sensation can opt for a T-Mobile deal that brings the cost of the superphone to £20.42 per month with an initial outlay of £120; that's a total cost of ownership of just £487.55 on an 18-month contract.

Although the plan comes with only 100 minutes, 100 texts and unlimited data, it should be plenty for light users; alternatively, a beefier plan with three times the amount of minutes and texts can be had for roughly £20 extra on T-Mobile.

Astonishingly, that's less than the suggested retail price of the SIM-free version of the phone which is available for £491 at Insight; in other words, buy the phone and get a free contract or pay 25 per cent deposit, get the phone on a no-interest loan with a free contract.

Even more interestingly, you can unlock (but not unbrand) the HTC Sensation within minutes for around £15. While there are a number of rumours pointing to a soon-to-come replacement for the handset (like the Hercules), it is still one of the most powerful superphones on the market.

It has a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC clocked at 1.2GHz, 768MB RAM, 1GB user memory expandable using microSDHC cards, a 960x540 pixel 4.3-inch capacitive screen, Wi-Fi, a 1520mAh battery, an eight-megapixel camera with full HD video recording capabilities, AF and LED light plus a front facing camera.

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