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Hulu Halts Facebook Connect After Security Lapse

Online video streaming service Hulu has removed the Facebook Connect feature from its website after a minor user data leak.

Facebook Connect allows users to log-in to a particular website using their Facebook credentials.

Hulu installed Facebook Connect on its website over the weekend but was soon forced to remove the functionality after it discovered a technical error, which affected a limited number of Hulu users.

The company, which is currently in talks with Google,Yahoo and Microsoft for a possible acquisition, said that some users were able to access someone else’s Hulu account after logging in with their Facebook IDs.

Hulu revealed that the error, which affected around 50 users, did not result in confidential user information like passwords and credit card data being leaked.

The company said that it had disabled Facebook Connect on the platform for the time being and was looking into the problem. Hulu also said that it was deploying strict privacy settings for people who will be logging in with their Facebook accounts in the future.

“Once we are certain that the issue has been fully addressed, we will re-launch our Facebook Connect program,” a Hulu spokesperson said in a statement. “We apologize to any affected users, and we intend to do everything we can to make it right and avoid similar issues in the future.”