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iPad Tablet Rivals Receiving Equal Prominence In Retail Stores

Retailers have recently decided to devote more floor space to tablets. This has meant Apple’s iPad is no longer receiving the most prominent position in stores and Samsung, Motorola and HP tablets are on a par with the iPad, at least in terms of placement.

For example, Best Buy has recently begun to overhaul its stores and introduced the so-called “Tablet Central” area, Cnet reports. Just as the name says, this area is especially dedicated to tablets and aims at increasing tablet sales levels.

The retailer first adopted this concept in May, but it hopes the Tablet Central area be present "in all of our 'big-box' stores", Best Buy’s vice president of investor relations stated.

All tablet and e-reader manufacturers now have equal chances to present their products and offer customers a wider array of choice.

However, as retailers devote more space to tablets, traditional personal computers are being somewhat neglected. It appears indeed that tablets are becoming ever more popular in comparison to PCs, which could mark the beginning of the "post-PC era" as Steve Jobs once suggested.

Apple’s iPad is the most popular tablet on the market. The Cupertino-based company shipped almost 4.7 million units in the last quarter, compared to Samsung’s 850,000 units and Acer’s 800,000 units, market research company DisplaySearch revealed.

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