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iPhone 4 Prototype On Sale, Current Bid at $1 Million

An iPhone 4 prototype has been made available on the online auction giant eBay, thus making it the first ever prototype of an Apple product, made available for sale without outraging the company.

The handset might belong to the same category as the one Gizmodo managed to get its hands on even before the iPhone 4 was unveiled by the company. It features unique internal components which are different from the models available in the released version of the product.

Also, the device in question comes with an identity code on its front side. However, what makes the device even more interesting is the fact that it can almost be termed as unusable, that of course, if somebody is not looking for a quite an expensive paper-weight or a tougher challenge to test his “jailbreaking” skills.

It cannot be synced with the iTunes service, meaning you would never be able to activate it in the traditional methods. Also it is not known whether the product is a 16GB model or a 32 GB one - both means the same though, especially keeping in mind how “paperweights” really do not require too much of internal memory for giving their best performances.

The product, till this writing, went over $100,000 in the bidding war. You may try your hands-on with the bidding here.