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Microsoft Strategy Exec To Leave After 25 Years

Microsoft’s senior vice president of strategy Hank Vigil is going to leave the company, Steve Ballmer, the chief executive officer of the company has confirmed.

According to an internal email sent by the CEO, Mr Vigil is parting company with the tech giant following a desire to focus more on emerging, start-up companies. However, Mr. Ballmer also stated that the SVP, who has been serving the company for almost two-and-a-half decades now, will take up a role as “strategic advisor” for Microsoft.

“After 25 years at Microsoft, Hank Vigil has decided it’s time to open a new chapter in his life,” Mr. Ballmer’s email read, All Things D reports.

Industry experts are also of the view that convincing Mr Vigil to become a “strategic advisor” to the company is, indeed, a big achievement for Microsoft, especially keeping in mind the popularity he enjoys throughout the tech community in Silicon Valley.

In his 25 year career at Microsoft, Vigil has played a large part in the success of the company. According to his company bio, the SVP was “developing and managing strategic relationships, mergers, acquisitions and investment partnerships with media, consumer electronics, telecommunications, software and Internet companies”.