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Multibillion Dollar Investment In eBooks And Tablets For S Korean Schools

The digital age is set to engulf the South Korean education sector; according to the country’s Ministry of Education, students will be equipped with ebooks and tablets instead of paper books by 2015.

The government has already agreed to invest $2 billion to make the move successful, and if everything falls into its respective place according to the plan, the contents of ordinary textbooks will be made available to students in digital form, along with various other multimedia resources.

The students will also be provided with free tablet devices, and they will be able to access textbooks exactly the same way as downloading ebooks from online retailers such as Amazon.

The move, according to the government, will come as a much needed relief for parents who are often seen struggling with the growing costs of textbooks with each passing year.

“It will be up to schools to decide which digital textbooks to choose for students in what year in what subject,” a ministry official stated, according to a report by The Chosunilbo.

“We don't expect the shift to digital textbooks to be difficult as students today are very accustomed to the digital environment,” the government representative added.