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SleepWell Can Double Battery Life Of WiFi Devices, Inventor Says

Justin Manweiler, a Duke university student has come up with a new and innovative solution for extending the battery life of mobile devices.

The methodology invented by Manweiler, which he has named “Sleepwell”, achieves its goal by tweaking the devices' built-in Wi-Fi technology.

The invention by Manweiler is primarily based on how the battery life of Wi-Fi enabled devices, like laptops and smartphones, heavily depends upon the number of other Wi Fi enabled devices present in the near vicinity.

The higher the number of such devices present in an area, the harder it is on a particular device’s battery when accessing the Internet. This is because the device must "stay awake" until it has waited for its turn to download a piece of information.

Whilst downloading a movie, say, battery drainage is therefore far higher in the inner-city than it would be for the same file in the countryside.

The new software tries to get round this problem by allowing a device to "sleep" while others are downloading data; which purportedly saves energy for not only the sleeping device but also those near by too, the Times of India reports.

Manweiler claims that the new methodology has the ability to double the battery life of any Wi-Fi equipped mobile device in certain situations.