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Sony To Complete Worldwide Restoration Of PSN On Wednesday

Japanese gaming giant Sony will be restoring access to its PlayStation Network and Qriocity services in Japan on July 6th, completing the worldwide restoration.

The PSN service, which is an online gaming portal and download store for PlayStation 3 users, had suffered a massive cyber attack on its servers on April 26th, forcing the company to pull the plug on the services.

Data belonging to more than 70 million PSN users across the globe was compromised causing global outrage and shock. The services had remained offline for more than a month before they were re-launched in the North American and European markets.

Hackers also breached the Sony Online Entertainment PC games network, compromising data belonging to 25 million customers.

Sony claims that it has strengthened the security of the platform and is also offering Welcome Back packages that offer free access and other goodies.

According to an article on Reuters, Sony said that it will complete the global restoration on July 6th when the services become fully live in Japan.

Japan has seen only a partial roll out of the services with only ten per cent of Japanese accounts being eligible for access.

Since news of the first cyber attack broke in February, Sony has seen roughly a 12 per cent drop in its share value.