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Sony to restore PSN and Qriocity in Japan

Sony has said that it will finally reboot Japan's PSN and Qriocity services later this week hopefully bringing an end to eleven weeks of misery for the electronics giant and its customers.

According to a Reuters (opens in new tab) report, Sony said today that all PlayStation Network and Qriosity services will be back on-line by Wednesday July 6th.

Japan is last territory to be rebooted after hackers invaded the company's servers between April 17th and 19th making off with more than 100 million user account details and an unknown number of credit card details.

Although the world and its Wi-Fi knew about the attacks, Sony battened down the hatches and said nothing for more than a week, damaging the company's reputation enormously.

The gaming outfit is now under intense scrutiny from courts all over the world as angry users gather to bring class-action suits against the company. Governments too want to know how such a huge concern could get security so utterly wrong.

Sony has lost around 12 per cent of its value in the wake of the attack and although the final bill is expected to hit top $100 million, the drop in consumer confidence in the company caused by its poor handling of the situation could run into billions of dollars.

Although fingers have been pointed in the direction of hacking collective Anonymous, the leaderless group has repeatedly denied stealing the user data, leading to suggestions that those with criminal intent used the cover of Anonymous DDoS attacks to sneak in the through the back door and have a proper rummage around in Sony's data drawers.

Although access to the PSN was restored throughout Europe and the rest of the world in the middle of May, Japanese authorities said they wanted further checks and measures before allowing Sony to switch the service back on in their own country.

It seems that, now the rest of the world has had six weeks of uninterrupted service without a hitch, PSN and Qriosity are secure enough even for Japan. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.