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Three Things We Shouldn’t Expect In iPhone 5

As the market eagerly awaits the release of the iPhone 5, rumours pop up every day about possible specs and features of the iOS smartphone. The plethora of reports has confused consumers and the result is that the upcoming iPhone 5 has a rather nebulous shape for most people.

With so many suggestions flying around about what might be included, it seems easier to share the main features which probably won’t be included (opens in new tab) in the iPhone 5.

NFC capabilities:

Carriers do not have extended NFC networks, which means that this technology is only available in very few places. It would be a waste of money to manufacture an NFC capable iPhone 5 while the NFC infrastructure in still underdeveloped.

4-inch display or bigger:

Many are constantly claiming that the fifth-generation iPhone will bring a huge 4-inch display, or even a 4.4-inch display. However, this is very unlikely since such a monster display would reduce image quality, increase production cost and drain the iPhone’s battery at a faster rate.

Flash support:

Many Apple fans bear a grudge against their favorite company because its products do not offer Flash support. The Cupertino-based company has not released any official information about Flash support capabilities yet.

As for other features such as removable battery and microSD card compatibility, these too could be nothing more than wishful thinking.

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