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UK Piracy Offenders to Be Extradited To America

Sad development for digital piracy lovers in the country - US officials have warned that any UK based website, if found guilty of promoting piracy, their owners will eventually be extradited to America. Worse still, the new policy will be applied irrespective of whether or not the websites in question have any connection to the US.

The new policy adopted by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, US, will empower it to go legal against any foreign based website if they are caught messing around with the country’s copyright laws.

Erik Barnett, the assistant deputy director of the agency emphasised on the scope of the new policy by saying that all “.com” or “.net” websites would find themselves in trouble if suspected of spreading pirated versions of any US movies, TV or other forms of media.

“By definition, almost all copyright infringement and trademark violation is transnational. There's very little purely domestic intellectual property theft,” Mr. Barnett stated, the Guardian reports.

“The jurisdiction we have over these sites right now really is the use of the domain name registry system in the United States. That's the key,” he added.