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Advertisers under fire over Milly Dowler hack

A Twitter campaign which is currently gathering steam could do some serious damage to the News of the World if it continues to grow.

News reports are alleging that the scandal rag hired a private detective who accessed murdered teenager Milly Dowler's mobile phone whilst she was still missing. The reports were kicked off by an investigation by the Guardian newspaper.

Although most news outlets are calling the intrusion a 'hack', the strongest likelihood is that the dick simply used the default password to access the girl's voice messages.

That in itself would have been appalling enough, but the hired snooper allegedly took it upon himself to delete messages from the phone - which was being closely monitored by the cops - tragically leading the girl's parents as well as the police to believe she was still alive.

Prime Minister David Cameron said of the allegations at a press conference in Kabul today: "If they are true, this is a truly dreadful act, and a truly dreadful situation,”

The Twitter campaign, set up by Tweeter EroticPuffin (opens in new tab) - known to his chums as Paul Friend - urges those sickened by the behaviour of the New of the World and its paid lackeys to write to major companies which advertise with the newspaper, asking them, "If they will be revising their marketing plans."

Just to make things simpler, the campaign's organiser has provided a link to a handy spreadsheet (opens in new tab) which can also be seen on Google Docs (opens in new tab), containing the details and email addresses of a growing list of corporate bigwigs including the managing director of Ford UK, Nigel Sharp; the chief exec of RBS Stephen Hester and BT top dog Ian Livingstone.

He has also provided instructions on how to set up a mail merge in Outlook for good measure.

The campaign - which is currently being retweeted by the great and the good, including writer, director and all-round comedy genius Armando Ianucci (opens in new tab) and his 170,000 followers - could have serious implications for the newspaper and its owner Rupert Murdoch who is currently trying to persuade the governement to let him control BSkyB in its entirety.

Former bare-knuckle boxer and Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott waded in to the debate, twitting: “The hacking of Milly Dowler’s phone by Murdoch’s News of the World proves once and for all he is not a fit and proper person to own BSkyB.”

Traditional newspapers live or die on their advertising revenues and circulation, both of which could be decimated by the adverse publicity surrounding this latest phone-hacking scandal.

And let's not forget, Twitter has been credited with bringing down governments before now so pushing the News of the World back down the toilet where it belongs shouldn't be too much of a struggle. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.