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Apple Orders 15 million iPhone 5 Units From Pegatron, Reports Say

Apple has reportedly placed an order for 15 million ”iPhone 5 units” with Pegatron, anonymous component suppliers revealed to DigiTimes (opens in new tab). This could mean that the coveted fifth-generation iPhone may be released sometime in September, which would confirm previous reports tagged as too optimistic.

This huge order could be a blessing for Pegatron after the manufacturer shipped less handsets than expected in Q1 and its "utilization rate dropped to 50 percent." Following the latest rumour, the effect can already be seen since Pegatron’s stock has increased by 3.1%.

Apple had placed orders of 10 million units for its next-gen iPhone to Pegatron, sources revealed earlier this year. If orders have indeed soared from 10 million units to 15 million this means that Apple expects its iPhone sales to take off even further. The tech giant’s iPhone sales increased by 113% in Q1 2011 compared to Q1 2010, reaching almost 18.7 million handsets.

Apple’s iPhone sales are likely to drop during the summer as consumers restrain themselves, waiting for the iPhone 5 to hit the stores. Apple and the various carriers, such as Verizon, are already reacting to this by introducing excellent deals for current iPhone handsets.

Sales are expected to soar again as soon as the iPhone 5 has landed on the market.

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