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Be launches high-speed fibre pre-registration

Be Broadband has announced that it is opening pre-registration for its fibre offering, designed as competition for BT's Infinity Broadband.

Be has been promising fibre services for home users for a while now, with managing director Chris Stening posting about the possibility to the official blog (opens in new tab) late last month. "There's terrific demand for a fibre service," he claimed, "and I hear all your feedback online and by phone. We're determined to offer a fibre product with all the things you love about Be - great service, award-winning support and super fast speeds, no matter how uch you download."

In the post, Stening claimed that any fibre offering from Be would be "unlimited and unshaped," referring to the practice of 'shaping' traffic to prioritise certain types - such as voice-over-IP and gaming traffic - over file downloads. Be is one of the few broadband companies that doesn't limit or shape its top-end ADSL packages, and the news that a high-speed fibre connection would keep that ethos intact caused something of a stir.

"We are unlikely to be the cheapest in the market," admitted Stening, "but we are determined to be the best."

Many of the comments received as a response to Stening's post were positive, but many warned that a move to fibre would have to come sooner, rather than later. Many of those commenting are looking to move to rival BT's Infinity fibre service, or are eyeing up similar products already available from IDNET or ADSL24.

Sadly, Stening has yet to indicate when the service will launch, beyond a vague hope - far from a commitment - to have a product on the market by the end of the year.

To help convince customers that Be is on the ball, the company has opened the doors for pre-registration. "Chris said that we would use a pre-registration scheme to work out which areas the product would be most popular in at this initial stage," a new post (opens in new tab) on the company's blog explains. "We've been working to get this ready as soon as possible and it's now ready to take your details."

Those looking to register their interest in the hopes of getting their exchange upgraded sooner, rather than later, should hop on over to Be's pre-registration page (opens in new tab). monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.