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Computers With "Human-Like" Interaction Not Far Off

Computer systems capable of conversing with their users with human-like voices and intelligence that can argue back, might become a reality in a few years time.

Researchers at the Universities of Edinburgh, Cambridge and Sheffield have embarked on a five year, £6.2million project, which could result in the creation of voice activated machines which will be capable of interacting with humans.

The devices will be fitted with Artificial Intelligence technology that will help the devices become familiar with a human voice and interact with them naturally.

The technology could have wide ranging benefits that could change the way we use technology. It could lead to the development of voice activated computers, voice controlled home devices and search engines for audio clips.

“Speech technology is clearly on its way into the mainstream, but the key to its success is human-like performance,” Dr Thomas Hain, of the University of Sheffield's Department of Computer Science told the Daily Mail.

“We are working on the foundations of technology that will bring speech to new users and exciting new applications, from clinical assistive technology to robotics, from schools to board rooms,” he added.