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Direct Messages To Business Now Possible on Twitter?

Twitter users are soon going to be able to send direct messages to businesses, irrespective of whether or not they are also being followed back by the company they want to contact.

Previously, direct messaging was available only for those who were being followed by the user that they were following. However, seems like the company is currently planning to take down that barrier.

The new offering will feature two different types of verified brand accounts which will allow direct messages to be posted by any user to any company that they are following.

However, according to quite a few critics, the new move may eventually cause a negative impact on the reliability factor of the site as chances are that many will also exploit the advantage of the new feature in spamming businesses with annoying messages.

But there are also those who think that the move will be taken in high spirit by businesses as they will be now able to get direct messages from their customers without having to follow them back.

However, Twitter is yet to make an official statement on this rumoured move - though the feature reportedly have been seen with select few limited accounts.