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£50 Elonex 511TEB 5" Ebook Reader

The Elonex 511TEB 5" is a new-generation e-reader that allows you to keep all your favorite novels and books with you so that you can read them whenever and wherever you want. The product features the advanced eInk technology which gives you an enhanced reading experience, and almost the same feel that you get from paperback books.

Those, who have had the habit of reading ebooks on their mobile phones or computers, the 511TEB will bring them truly a magical experience. It goes really soft on your eyes, meaning you can continue reading for hours without having to worry anything about the well being of your eyes.

The device is light and compact- weighs barely 200 grams. Hence, portability should never be an issue with the product, and considering how it allows you store hundreds of books at absolute ease, it is fair enough to say that you can move along with an entire library in your pockets.

The display size is 5 inches, and there are three different font sizes- small, medium and large- meaning you can totally forget about your reading glasses. The battery life is also pretty awesome, and perfectly suitable for long journeys etc. The Elonex 511TEB 5" ereader can be purchased from ebay for an amount of £49.99 only.