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Google+ Targeted By Spam Offensive In First Week

Only a few days after its launch, Google’s social networking platform, Google+, has been exploited in a massive spam campaign.

According to a post on the Naked Security blog run by security firm Sophos, scammers are sending out fake Google+ invites that redirect users to a pharmaceutical website.

“The messages look similar to the real emails that users may receive from friends who are already members of Google+,” the security firm said.

Instead of redirecting users to the social networking platform, the spam email takes users to a website that sells Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

“The spammers are no doubt hoping that the email will be too hard to resist for many people eager to see Google's new social network, although just how many users will be tempted to buy drugs online is a mystery,” wrote senior technology consultant at Sophos, Graham Cluley.

Google’s new social network, which is currently undergoing a limited public trial, is becoming increasing popular with everyone frantically trying to get access to the platform. Spammers seem to realise that and are exploiting the situation for their nefarious purposes.

Meanwhile, even Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has registered on Google+, and has indeed become the most followed user within the first week.