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Government Lacking In Cyber Security Plans Claim MPs

UK MPs have claimed that the government’s IT and communications strategy is not clear on its cyber security plans.

The Public Accounts Committee released a report in which it claims that the government’s IT strategy makes only one reference to cyber security, something which has worried the MPs due to the fact that the government plans to move most of its public services online.

“The government has committed to increase the use of new technologies and sharing of information, which rely on the internet. ERG [the Cabinet Office's Efficiency and Reform Group] should clarify in its implementation plan how cyber-security will be integrated into its strategy for ICT,” the PAC report read, according to The Register.

The committee also pointed out that the government needed to give the low-down on the number of cyber security experts that are working within the government, pointing out that the US government plans to double its current cyber security experts strength to battle the growing threat.

The government’s Cabinet Office is expected to dish out an implementation plan next month, but the PAC has said that it must contain clear indicators that can be evaluated by the committee.