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How Real Is A Joint Launch Of iPad 2 Successor And iPhone 5?

Apple may be preparing for a synchronised launch of its iPhone 5 and the iPad 2’s successor this autumn. This would be a wise decision for Apple to take for three main reasons, Beatweek (opens in new tab) reports.

By releasing the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2 follow-up simultaneously, Apple can actually take advantage of its brand-new iOS 5. The revamped operating system could be a key element in the marketing strategy adopted for the third-generation iPad. Not to mention that a common marketing machine is less expensive than two.

The iPad 2 may have only been a stub, a tablet Apple has released to fill in the gap between its first generation iPad and the truly revolutionary iPad 3, some reports have suggested. Maybe Apple has put the 18 months that have passed between the launch of the iPad 1 and the iPad 3 to good use and has developed a revolutionary tablet.

The next-gen iPad could be the perfect Christmas gift; by releasing it this autumn, Apple could take advantage of the holiday shopping frenzy. The iPad 3 could actually sell more units than the iPhone 5 because it does not involve contract and carrier issues.

However, even if this sounds like a great marketing idea and a good way to show-off the iOS 5, iPhone sales represent the biggest part of Apple’s profit. That’s why a standalone iPhone 5 release could be enough.

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