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HTC Powers Ahead Thanks To Android & Sense UI

Taiwan based smartphone maker HTC has attained remarkable success in the global smartphone market this year as its Android based HTC Sense smartphones registered a new sales record in the second quarter of the running fiscal year.

HTC Sense is the company’s own UI (user interface) which overlaps with the original Android operating system’s default UI to give it a renovated, smoother look. The interface has found its place in all of the recent HTC smartphones (and tablets), and currently enjoys overwhelming popularity amongst users from all around the globe.

The company had sold over 9.3 million handsets during the first quarter, whereas, the figure shot to nearly 11 million in the follow up quarter.

According to Winston Yung, the chief finance officer of HTC, the company's smartphones have gained immense popularity in the Asian and American markets in the recent time, thus balancing the slowdown faced by the company in the European markets.

The latest offering from the company, the HTC Sensation 4G, has already earned good reviews in the US smartphone market. And to make things even better, the Android powered Gingerbread smartphone available via T-Mobile has also emerged as sort of a super hit in the country.