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iPad Generates One Percent Of Global Web Traffic

Apple’s iPad accounts for 1% of all the global web browsing and for 2% of US web traffic, according to recent statistics released by Net Applications' NetMarketShare cited by Apple Insider (opens in new tab).

The iOS tablet topped the web traffic share generated by its closest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab by 53 times in May. Motorola’s Xoom ranked third in terms of web browsing with a share 76 times lower than the iPad’s, while RIM’s PlayBook came only fourth. The iPad’s mobile browsing share beat the PlayBook’s usage rate by 306 times.

As for the US mobile browsing market, the iPhone holds 35.2%, Android takes 31.6% and the iPad 25.5%; all in all, the iOS platform takes 60.7% of the US mobile browsing market. BlackBerry ranked fourth again with a 6.9% share, while the 0.5% remainder is divided between Symbian, Windows Mobile and webOS.

The iPad’s mobile browsing market share is likely to grow after iOS 5 is released this autumn, partly thanks to the new tabbed browsing features Mobile Safari will offer.

The iPad also takes 89% of the world’s tablet traffic, and 82% of the US tablet market, according to recent surveys issued by comScore and Nielsen, respectively.

Apple has sold around 25 million iPad units since it entered the tablet market.

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