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Mozilla Announces, Demonstrates Pixel Perfect Firefox PDF Reader

Firefox maker Mozilla has successfully developed a brand new PDF reader through Web programming technology. The company also announced and demonstrated how the developers were able to achieve a “pixel perfect” rendering of a sample PDF file using this new technology.

The sample PDF file, which contained in it the research work on the first execution of JavaScript, featured in it graphics, formatted text, tables as well as graphical diagrams.

The pdf.js project was unveiled to the world last month in June. It uses JavaScript and HTML 5’s Canvas in order to process and display the file. The version 0.2 of the product brings along with it compatibility with TrueType fonts in addition to enhanced graphics quality and many more. The company also made the JavaScript paper with pdf.js available online.

According to Stephen Shankland of CNET, the JavaScript paper with pdf.js is supported by Firefox, but it is yet to get a positive response from the other browsers.

"We intend pdf.js to work in all HTML5-compliant browsers. And that, by definition, means pdf.js should work equally well on all operating systems that those browsers run on," but right now it requires a nightly build of Firefox,” one of the programmers in the project said, CNET reports.