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MP Considers Mobile Phones as Cancer Causing Agents

A Labour MP has warned Britons about the cancer-causing effects of mobile phones after her brother was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

MP Deb O'Neill issued a warning in which she said that her 41 year old brother had a tumour which was most probably caused by mobile phone use, Herald Sun reports. She said that her brother was being treated by brain surgeon Charlie Teo, who also believes that cancer and mobile phone use are linked.

O’Neil asked the parliament to heed the issue at hand and make public interest announcements to make everyone aware of the hazard.

The MP asked Britons to limit their use of mobile phone devices, use a landline whenever possible, send more text messages than make calls and use hands free and speaker mode whenever possible.

“These personal circumstances and too many experiences of the pain and suffering that cancer brings make me determined to raise awareness of the cancer risks of mobile phone use in the broader community,” the MP said.

“This status upgrade puts mobile phone use in the same category of potential carcinogens as coffee, engine fumes and surgical implants,” she added, referring to a recent World Health Organisation report.