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NATO servers hacked again

Servers belonging to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) appear to have been breached for the second time in as many months.

The fighting force which is currently embroiled in an attempt to pinch all Colonel Gadaffi's oil has been left red-faced by its inability to shore up its servers against attack, let alone find a bloke in the biggest tent in Libya and kill him.

Back in June, NATO's e-Bookshop was hacked with the hackers making off with its customer database. This followed a report from the body which said it was to target efforts to take out miscreant hacking band Anonymous.

Now a bunch called Team Inj3ct0r (or 1337day) appears to have got into a NATO server and posted some 2,646 files from the server as proof of their exploit. The files are available at this address: .

The hackers said their target was running Apache Tomcat Version 5.5.9 and told Hacker News that the organisation was hit because of "Nuclear weapons. its development and financing". They claim to have obtained server root privileges.

We are waiting for NATO to confirm the hack and will update this story when - or if - the press office gets back to us.