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New MacBook Air Gets Toshiba 19nm NAND Flash

Apple’s new MacBook Air devices will come with smaller and faster Flash memory chips designed by Toshiba.

According to an article on Channel Register, a Japanese tech website, citing Asian components manufacturers, reveals that the flash memory chips that will come in the new MacBook Air will be designed using the 19nm process and will offer data transfer speed of 400 MBs per second, making use of the Toggle DDR2.0 interface.

The specifications of the flash memory chips indicate that they have been designed by Toshiba because it is currently the only manufacturer in the world which offers 19nm flash memory chips, having unveiled a multi-level cell (MLC) chip recently.

The Japanese website informed that existing MacBook Air also uses flash memory chips created by Toshiba using the 24 nm process.

A fast flash memory chip, when coupled with Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors, will be able to deliver a power packed performance to Mac users. The new MacBook Air is also expected to come powered with Intel’s Thunderbolt data transfer technology, which is faster than USB 3.0.

The iPhone maker is expected to release a new MacBook Air this month, with several reports confirming that supply of Air the world over is being throttled.