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NHS Has Very Poor Healthcare Analytics, Report Says

IT executives in the NHS don’t consider healthcare analytics as their top priority despite the benefits of the technology, it has been claimed.

According to a report released by Information Builders, healthcare analytics in the NHS is currently ‘very poor’ and not considered important by IT decision makers within the organisation.

Patient data in the NHS is stored in several systems which ultimately prohibit data synchronisation and limit the access everyone has to the data. Information Builders said that the biggest challenge the NHS faces in healthcare analytics is to make data available for smartphone predictive analysis.

The report comes as the Information Commissioner’s Office warned that the NHS data security systems and policies were riddled with loopholes that had led to frequent data breaches.

The ICO has decided to further investigate the data breaches within NHS organisations and force the establishment to make changes in their policies.

“The policies and procedures may already be in place but the fact is that they are not being followed on the ground. Health workers wouldn’t dream of discussing patient information openly with friends and yet they continue to put information on unencrypted memory sticks or fax it to the wrong number.” Information Commissioner Christopher Graham, said in a statement.