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Rumour: PS4 to get Kinect-like motion sensors

Sony's next generation console will come with body-mapping motion sensors much like Microsoft's Kinect, according to whispers heard from Taiwanese component suppliers and assemeblers.

Occasionally accurate industry watcher DigiTimes has suggested that the gaming giant will follow the Kinect's lead by adding some kind of sensor array peripheral to the highly-anticipated fourth generation of the gaming console, which would be tantamount to an admission of failure on the part of the company's Move controller.

Nintendo's Wii turned the gaming world on its head when it unveiled the Wii-mote motion-sensing controller and Microsoft and Sony struggled frantically to follow suit with their own offerings.

Microsoft's solution, the Kinect controllerless controller - which relies on a barrage of cameras, sensors and microphones to map up to two players in the real world - has since become the fastest selling electronic gadget ever, according to Guinness World Records (opens in new tab).

Sony's Playstation Move hasn't seen quite such stellar success offering, as it does, very little beyond Nintendo's original concept.

But launching new controller technology alongside a new console, especially if Sony can make it backwardly compatible with the PS3, could be a game changer.

Sony is remaining tight-lipped about its roadmap for future console releases and has often remarked that there is a lot of life left in the PS3, which has only served half of its projected ten-year term in office.

But Sony has a history of overlapping its hardware for long periods of time, so the birth of the PS4 won't necessarily herald the demise of its older sibling. The PS2, after all, is still being made and sells well in some markets.

DigiTimes (opens in new tab) says production of the new console will start at the end of 2011 and will launch in 2012, selling 20 million units in its first year despite missing out on the lucrative Christmas scramble. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.