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Russell Brand Promotes HP TouchPad In Quirky New Ads

Computer maker Hewlett Packard has roped in comedian/actor Russell Brand to promote its upcoming tablet device, the TouchPad.

Brand features in a series of short videos to explain the various capabilities the device offers. Features like Just Type, Smart Notifications, Multitasking and Touch to Share have been explained by Brand in his own unique way.

Brand is seen giving his views on the various features and even demonstrating some of them in the videos. The coolest feature is Touch to Share, which allows users to download the data on their smartphone to the TouchPad by touching the screen of the tablet with the smartphone.

HP has made it clear again and again that it does not plan to take on the iPad but will be happy to rise up to the number two spot in the tablet market.

However, in its promotion of what it calls Full Web, HP clearly targets one selling point it has over Apple's tablet, as the notorious celeb explains: "(with) Flash, I can view any video, anything! The only barrier is the barrier of my conscience. And let me tell ya - that's no barrier at all!"

The company has maintained that it will be focusing on pitching the tablet device to the enterprise market. But if HP is targeting enterprise customers, then why it hired Russell Brand to promote the tablet is not clear, because anyone who has seen ‘Get him to the Greek’ knows he is not the corporate type.

Meanwhile, a leaked HP roadmap has revealed that the company plans to launch a 4G version of the tablet in August.