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Sony Music Ireland Website Hacked, Users Redirected To Official Facebook Page

Sony Music Ireland has become the latest Sony website to be hacked after fake news was posted on the website.

The company is currently investigating the alleged attack and the website is down for maintenance. Users of the website are being redirected to its official Facebook page.

The hack was discovered after a news story appeared on the website, claiming that two members of popular rock band The Script had died. Another story appeared later on, which claimed that The X Factor was ‘for the stupid’.

A spokesperson for the website failed to comment on the incident but said that the stories were not true, Irish Times reports.

As of now, no hacker group has taken responsibility for the attack. Sony’s websites have become a popular target for the numerous hacker groups that have sprung up in the past few months.

It all started when Sony was forced to shut down its PlayStation Network services the world over after suffering from a massive hack attack, that compromised the details of more than 77 million PSN customers the world over. The company plans to make the service fully live in Japan on July 6.