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SwagSec Targets Amy Winehouse, Justin Bieber Fans

In yet another cyber attack involving artists, the websites of pop-star Justin Bieber and Amy Winehouse has been breached by hackers, following which they leaked personal details of over 50,000 fans of both the artists.

The infamous hackers collective SwagSec has claimed the responsibility of these attacks. The group also warned that it was soon going to leak the user names and passwords belonging to the fans of Lady Gaga, Klaxons and Def Jam in the foreseeable future.

Links to all the personal data compromised during the attack were published in SwagSec’s Twitter account.

The Justin Bieber file reportedly consists of over 5,500 unencrypted passwords. Not just that, phone numbers, date of birth, addresses and email ids were also revealed. A few of those have been confirmed valid by AOL Music UK after carrying crosschecks with Facebook profiles.

Apparently, SwagSec claims themselves to be a group of black, gay hackers whose sole aim is to free the Internet from the “White Devil”. The group uses California based rapper “Lil B” as its mascot, and openly claims that they are dead-against the hacking-collectives such as Anonymous and LulzSec.