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Verizon To Slash Price Of Current iPhone In Preparation For iPhone 5?

Verizon is reportedly planning to offer jaw-dropping discounts for several of its handsets during an upcoming promotion,TodaysiPhone reports.

For example, HTC Thunderbolt currently has a price tag of $249.99, but consumers could actually get it for free in the near feature. It is true, HTC Thunderbolt is not the latest LTE handset, but it will definitely be very appealing to customers thanks to its $0 price tag.

Consumers can currently purchase the 16GB iPhone 4 from Verizon for $199.99. The price tag of the iOS smartphone could actually drop by $49.99 during the upcoming promotion, which means that the iPhone 4 could only cost $150.00.

This could actually be another strategy Verizon has adopted in order to beat AT&T’s sales. On the other hand, Verizon may well be trying to empty its handset stock so as to make way for the next-generation smartphones. If this theory is correct, we should expect to see similar discounts from AT&T too, at least for the iPhone 4.

No information is currently available about the start of the purported promotion. However, it is dubious whether Verizon will offer such huge discounts given the fact that the iPhone 4 and HTC Thunderbolt are two of the carrier’s most popular handsets.

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