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Want To Access Facebook From Work? Hardlywork is The Solution

Good news for the working class Facebook addicts - a new website has come into being which lets users access Facebook while still in the office, without getting caught in the process.

The website, dubbed allows users to log into the social networking giant and displays all the news feeds on their “Home Page” in a spread sheet format.

Thus, even if one’s boss happens to be peering over his or her shoulder in order to see what’s going on, he will hardly have any clue that it’s the Facebook page his employee is “working” on - but that of course after assuming that the boss himself does not have the first hand experience of playing the trick on his own superiors.

The Facebook page displayed by HardlyWork exhibits an all-put corporate vibe. Users can see all the status updates of their buddies, “like” them, or even post their own comments. Not just that, users can also view images and videos posted by their Facebook buddies.

The site was developed by one Bay Gross - a 20 year old Computer Science student in the Yale University. Apparently, the barely-out-of-his-teen “messiah” of all corporate Facebook addicts started working on the site after a friend had complained to him saying that she had to wait till after-work for accessing the site.