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WordPress 3.2 Update Drops Support For Internet Explorer 6 and PHP 4

Automattic has released an update to its popular open-source blogging platform WordPress.

Announced by project lead Matt Mullenweg late last night, WordPress 3.2 'Gershwin' brings a new default theme called Twenty Eleven, an HTML5 powered version which fits in with the project's plans to introduce a new default theme every year. A new full-screen writing mode, known as 'zen' is also included which fades all the buttons and interface elements to allow the user to concentrate purely on writing.

The new release has been trimmed of some fat, but that comes at the cost of compatibility: support for PHP4 and versions of MySQL prior to 5.0 have now been removed altogether, while the Admin interface no longer operates in Internet Explorer 6.0.

WordPress 3.2 is a fine release, and brings some much-needed improvements to the platform, according to thinq_