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Android Gaining Popularity in US Reveals comScore Report

Google’s Android mobile operating system continues to lead the US Smartphone market, with a share of 38.1 percent in May.

According to the latest Smartphone metrics released by comScore, Android increased its market share from 33 percent in February to 38.1 percent in May while Apple’s iOS platform registered a growth of 1.4 percent to end by with 26.6 percent of the Smartphone market.

Research in Motion’s BlackBerry platform on the other hand, continued its ride downwards in the three months between February and May. The company’s Smartphone market share fell 4.2 percent from 28.9 percent to 24.7 percent in May. RIM has allowed Apple to push it to the number three spot in the US Smartphone market.

Apple also pushed past RIM to become the fourth top most mobile original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the country. In February, Apple’s share in the OEM market was 7.5 percent while RIM was at 8.6 percent. However, in May, Apple pushed passed RIM with a market share of 8.7 percent with RIM trailing behind at 8.1 percent.

The comScore report also revealed that there were 76.8 million in the US that owned a Smartphone, an increase of 11 percent from February.