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Apple To Step Up iPad 2 Shipments In Q3

5 million iPad 2 touch panels were shipped last month and it appears Apple is planning to maintain the trend as 5 million touch-screen sensors will be shipped for its second-generation tablet this month, PCMag (opens in new tab) reports.

The Cupertino-based company is reportedly preparing to increase its iPad 2 shipment volume to 14 million units in Q3. The company’s demand shows that its management expects iPad 2 sales to grow in the next month. It is estimated that Apple sold between 7 and 9 million iPad units last quarter, but the real figures will be known on July 19th when Apple reports its Q2 results.

iPad 2 sales were affected by the March earthquake that hit Japan and put Apple’s supply chain out of gear. Tim Cook, Apple’s COO describes that period as ”the mother of backlogs”. Perhaps Apple has decided to step up shipments so as to recover some of the ground lost following the disaster in Japan.

It appears Apple does expect the iPad 2 to generate very good sales in the months to come, despite the ever-growing number of competitors; otherwise it would not be considering to step up shipments by so much.

Apple is expected by some to launch the iPad 2 successor as early as this autumn, but the event is unlikely because the iPad 2 is still a top-selling device, and an autumn release would break Apple’s product update cycle.

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