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Apple Wants To Sell 25 Million iPhone 5 in 2011?

Forget our story published earlier yesterday about the 15 million iPhone 5 units that Apple wants Pegatron to build, as now none other than the Wall Street Journal is claiming that Apple told its suppliers it expects to sell 25 million iPhone 5 before the end of the year.

Given that the phone is expected to be sold from mid September this year, that would leave Apple's strategic partners to build and ship in excess of 300,000 iPhone 5 devices a day or around 200 smartphones per minute.

The Wall Street Journal cited unnamed sources who told the newspaper, "Apple's sales estimates of the new iPhone is quite aggressive. It told us to prepare to help the company meet its goal of 25 million units by the end of the year. The initial production volume will be a few million units... we were told to ship the components to assembler Hon Hai in August."

25 million is a realistic target for Apple and the iPhone 5 given that the company will come out with guns blazing. The iPhone 5 will almost certainly feature a Qualcomm Wireless Baseband chip which will allow it to be sold in more territories at launch.

In June 2010, Apple sold more than three million iPhone 4 during the first 21 days of release with nearly 19 million units (including the 3GS version) sold in the last quarter.