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Bing For iPad Updated, Lasso Feature Enables Gesture Based Searching

Windows maker Microsoft Corp. has unveiled a brand new version of its native Bing app for the iPad today, probably aimed at making users forget about Apple’s built-in copy-paste feature which can be quite annoying at times due to its sheer rigidity.

The new copy paste feature, dubbed “Lasso” allows users to simply draw their fingers around the particular word, or a group of words on a webpage, and conduct a new search from that same selection.

Microsoft brags that this new feature will help iPad users to a great extent in keeping the search functionalities fairly simple, which is not exactly something the iOS platform can boast off. iOS’ built-in copy-paste feature demands users to tap, drag and button press, which, needless to say, is even worse than manually typing the words in the search box.

“Today, it can be somewhat painful to search on a tablet when you’re engaged in reading something; just copying and pasting pieces of text from a webpage to a search box can take up to nine steps on the iPad,” Microsoft stated in a blog post (opens in new tab).

“With Lasso you can circle and search in just two steps,” it added.

Ravi Mandalia

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