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Europe Accounts For 27 Per Cent Of Global Unique Visitors: comScore

Figures released by web research company comScore showed that just under 27 per cent of global unique visitors to websites in May 2011; comScore figures cover users aged 15 years old or more, at home and work locations.

Visitors spent around 27 hours on average in May browsing websites although the Brits were particularly heavy web users clocking on average 33.9 hours and viewing almost 3100 pages that month.

We're still far behind the Netherlands though as they managed a whopping 35.2 hours per visitor and an average page consumption of nearly 3500 pages, that's a third more hours than the European average and a quarter more pages per visitor.

Unsurprisingly, Germany remains the biggest market in Europe with 50 million unique visitors followed very closely by the Russian Federation with 48.3m users. France, UK and Italy with 42.3m, 36.7m and 23m unique visitors respectively complete the top five.

Not everybody is happy with the way comScore compiles its data. For example, its data excludes visitations from public computers such as internet cafés, mobile phones and PDAs which are particularly popular in emerging economies, which means that data for Russia and Turkey might have been underestimated.