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Five Million iPad 2 Touch Sensors Shipped In July?

A staggering five million touch sensors destined for the popular iPad 2 tablet will apparently be shipped in July according to upmarket component makers.

Yenting Chen from Taipei-based news outlet Digitimes reports that the shipments match those of June, which will mean 10 million units being shipped in just 60 days.

TPK Holding and Wintek get the lion's share of the supplies with roughly 1.5 million each, with the remaining two million shared between Cando, Sintek Photronic and Chimei Innolux.

As a sign of consolidation in the market, Cando was taken over by TPK Holding back in May 2011. Demand for touch sensors is likely to grow significantly as the number of manufacturers producing tablets and other touchscreen devices increases.

The latest rumours from Taipei indicate that Apple was looking to almost "double" the number of tablets produced in the second quarter of the year to a whopping 14 million tablets up from an estimated seven million units, thanks partly to the forthcoming peak season.

That's roughly five million units per month which means that the touch sensors stock should be just enough for one month. There are also claims that Apple has been stockpiling iPad 2 components to reduce the risk of shortages and it is likely that the company purchased production capacity well in advance to outflank its competitors.