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Four Reasons Why iPhone 5 Should Be Available On More Carriers

Apple's iPhone is currently available on only two carriers in the US: AT&T and Verizon. This limitation has hindered Apple from fully cashing in on the iPhone's popularity, but the company could soon fix the issue by allowing T-Mobile and Sprint to carry its upcoming smartphone. Here are 4 reasons why this should happen:

#1 If Apple manages to manufacture an iPhone 5 that is compatible with the networks of the four carriers, it could extend its carrier chain more easily. The company has proven it can produce such a smartphone since the Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 is theoretically compatible with AT&T’s GSM network.

#2 Apple is no longer entangled in an exclusivity deal with its current carriers, which means nothing prevents it from expanding its carrier network.

#3 Sprint and T-Mobile are very supportive towards Android smartphones. If Apple offered them the iPhone 5, the two carriers might slow down their commitment to Android and "offer their loyalties at least partially to Apple”, Beatweek suggests. A symbiosis between Apple, AT&T and T-Mobile could be very lucrative for both sides.

#4 Apple has hopefully learnt its lesson from the exclusivity deal it signed with AT&T and now knows that the more carriers it has, the more control the company has over them.

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