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Google Says No To Private Profiles

Search engine giant Google has decided to remove private Google Profiles by the end of July, it has been reported.

According to an article on The Inquirer, the company announced that it will be altering the manner in which Profiles are displayed as completely private profiles defeat the purpose of social networking.

The company plans to make all the Google Profiles public while Profiles who remain private will be deleted come August. Users who don’t want to make their profiles public won’t have to worry as Google will delete their profiles itself.

The move is a part of launching its newest social networking venture Google Plus by the end of July. The platform is currently undergoing a restricted public trial.

Having a public Google Profile is not so bad either as users can configure it to display only their name and gender for strangers while rest of the data is viewable only by friends, depending on the privacy settings.

Private Google Profiles will make it difficult for Google to compete with Facebook, which has more than 650 million users worldwide. However, Google would need to tread carefully if it wants to make its service different from that of its rival in terms of privacy.