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Google To Rebrand Picasa, Blogger Claims Website

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Internet search giant Google is planning to rebrand two of its much popular services Picasa and Blogger.

The news first broke in the technological website Mashable, where it was claimed that Google intends to change all the non-Google services names, and replace them with Google brand names.

It is reported that Google won't be carrying out any changes to the services offered by these products except changes to the names.

According to analysts, the move by the company is likely to be more or less aimed at rebranding all the services with non-Google names before it finally goes ahead with the market launch of the hugely anticipated social networking site Google+, Google’s answer to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook.

May be its a well thought out decision on the search giant’s part as it is very much possible that many users of these services, Picasa for example, might not be even aware of that they are actually using a Google product.

Google is reportedly looking forward to integrate both Picasa and Blogger into Google+, a move which should provide the company an edge over the other heavyweights present in the market at the time.