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Hacker Group A-Team Exposes LulzSec

It seems like a new civil war has broke out in the underground hacking community. A group of hackers, calling themselves the A Team has initiated an open campaign against the members of the notorious hackers-collective LulzSec.

Not only did the A-Team thrashed LulzSec as a group capable of doing nothing significant other than going after “low hanging fruit”, but it also assembled and made available some of the group members personal details such as names, aliases, phone numbers, addresses, online.

As if that was not enough, A-Team members also published the details of the “exposed” members’ family members and girlfriends.

Before it was disbanded last week, LulzSec was making it to the headlines almost daily-thanks to the wide number of hack attacks on various organisations including the likes of Sony, C.I.A and the Arizona state police dept., it successfully accomplished.

According to Somini Sengupta and Nick Bilton of the New York Times, “LulzSec’s provocative attacks and flamboyant style made it a tempting target. Other hackers, equally adept at maintaining their anonymity, have been seeking to penetrate the online aliases of the group’s members.”

What remains to be seen now is whether or not these attacks on the alleged LulzSec members attract a tit for tat response from the now officially disbanded group.