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HTC Sensation To Get Major Update In Europe?

European users of the HTC Sensation may be about to get a massive firmware update as a 370MB file appeared online last week and is ready for download.

The file, which is available here (opens in new tab), is identified as the RUU Europe 1.35.401.1 and has been confirmed to be an official one.

Those who have tested the firmware - which is also available over the air - claim that it resolves the issue associated with the launcher lag in the Sense user interface as well as a number of other bugs.

The Sensation, which many have presented as one of the main rivals to the iPhone 5 when it first appeared as the Pyramid, is currently HTC's top of the range smartphone ahead of the Incredible S.

It is the only handset from the Taiwanese manufacturer to come with a dual core SoC, a 1.2GHz Snapdragon model from Qualcomm.

The rest of its configuration almost puts it on a par with the rest of the competition; the 4.3-inch 960x540 pixel capacitive touchscreen has a higher pixel density than the Samsung Galaxy S2 with an eight-megapixel camera with dual LED flash and 1080p HD video recording.

But the Sensation has 25 per cent less system memory (768MB RAM) and a fraction of the onboard storage (4GB vs 16GB) which explains why it is a tad less expensive than its rivals.

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