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iPhone Consolidates 2nd Place, Blackberry Falls Behind In US Smartphone Market

Blackberry is on a downward spiral in terms of market share as Apple and Android continue to expand their influence in the US smartphone market, a new study released yesterday shows.

Android is the most popular mobile operating system, taking a 38.1% market share, Apple’s iOS ranks second with 26.6% (up by 1.4% since February) while RIM’s BlackBerry has been downgraded to 3rd spot with a market share of 24.7% (down by 4.2%), a study by market research company ComScore revealed.

BlackBerry’s drop is quite shocking given the fact that their devices were the top-sellers on the US smartphone market in October 2010, with a 33.5% market share.

RIM’s downfall is mostly due to its relatively old offerings. While Android and iOS smartphone manufacturers renew their range regularly, RIM has only scheduled the release of its next BlackBerry range for 2012.

RIM’s share value has plummeted as well, dropping by more than 50% since January. RIM's shares are currently worth $27, compared to a value of $150 per share in 2008.

The company’s value has also dropped from $83 billion in June 2008 to $14 billion in 2011.

As for the top mobile OEMs; Samsung ranked first with a 24.8% share, LG came second (21%), Motorola ranked third (15%), Apple got the fourth spot (8.7%), while RIM ranked only fifth (8.1).

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