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Italian arrests prompt defiant Anonymous response

Raids by Italian police which resulted in the rounding up of 15 folk suspected of taking part in nefarious online activities under the Anonymous banner have brought forth denials from the headless bunch on the Anonops blog.

According to Italian newspaper La Republica, five of those carted off, questioned and released were under the age of 18. All those lifted are believed to have had their kit confiscated.

According to Anonymous, "The media has spread the news that the entire Italian network of anonymous has been dismantled and the “leader's” (sic) of Italian anonymous was arrested."

The bunch - or one of the bunch, or a bloke sitting near someone who has connections with the bunch in an Interweb caff somewhere - said this was "impossible."

"Anonymous is (sic) not been dismantled. Anonymous has no leaders, no structure. All anonymous members operate at the same level. Those arrested are not “dangerous hackers” as the media calls them, but people like you. They have been arrested while peacefully protesting for there (sic) and your rights. Our protest will continue louder than ever."

The missive ends with a veiled threat. Expect some Italian shenanigans.