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Lightweight LED Glasses May Help Partially Blind To See Again

A team of medical researchers has developed a pair of lightweight LED glasses that could enable people with partial blindness see again.

According to The Engineer, doctors at Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences have developed prototype spectacles that use several LED grids to represent objects located nearby to a person who is partially blind.

The glasses, which will be presented at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London, come integrated with stereoscopic cameras while software processes the images and represents objects with bright lights.

The researchers were inspired by Microsoft’s Kinect, the motion gaming system for Xbox 360 that allows users to play games using their body as a controller.

“Our physics department in Oxford is working on making the substrate that the LEDs are mounted on more translucent, so that you can see through it. The technologies involved are quite common. The main challenge is asking what is going to be useful for blind people, what sort of problems do they have day to day,” said Ian Wilson of the Nuffield Department.

The glasses, which will continue to be worked for the next 12 months, will be ideal for people with eye disorders that have left them partially blind.