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Microsoft To Begin Cloud Storage For Xbox 360

Software giant Microsoft has started to role out the much-awaited cloud based storage feature it had promised for Xbox Live and Xbox 360 consoles.

According to a report on Eurogamer, the service has already become available for some of the Arcade games on Xbox Live. Microsoft is expected to bring the functionality to the Xbox 360 console in an upcoming firmware update.

Users will be able to save Gamer Tags in a cloud based storage system and can be accessed from any Xbox 360 console. They will be able to download the saved games on any Xbox console and resume their Live games from where they left them irrespective of the console they are using.

The cloud based storage feature will put an end to carrying saved games in a USB stick or hard drive whenever users go for a gaming session at their friend's place.

The service will also save Microsoft Points, friend lists, profiles and achievements. The cloud storage service is available only for an unspecified number of Xbox Live Arcade games but will be extended to other titles in the coming few days.

The service will also come to Xbox 360 consoles but users would have to wait for a firmware update from Microsoft for that to happen.