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Microsoft Claims Botnets Are Not Invincible

Software giant Microsoft has claimed that the Rustock botnet take down proves that botnets can be dealt with a fair bit of coordination.

Richard Boscovich, a senior attorney with Microsoft's Digital Crime Unit informed in a blog post that since Microsoft had taken down the Rustock botnet by seizing several command and control centres in the US, the number of machines infected with the virus globally had gone from 1.6 million to only 700,000 in June.

“As we continue our efforts to fight cybercrime, one thing is clear: these threats cannot be tackled alone. It was through the combined effort of Microsoft, the judicial system and the industry that Rustock was successfully taken down,” Boscovich wrote on the blog.

“Cooperation is the key to success and we will continue to develop and leverage partnerships, while sharing our knowledge and expertise, so we as an industry can advance in the war against cybercrime,” he added.

Microsoft, which had joined hands with law enforcement agencies to take down the botnet on March 16th, had also started a campaign in Russia to find out the identities of the Russian hackers responsible for the botnet.